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Caregen Co., Ltd.

The Caregen Co., Ltd represents one of the largest manufacturers of beauty products in South Korea. The emphasis of the company is on the development of products based on biomimetic peptides. The distinctive feature of the enterprise is a close association of cosmetological production and scientific department. In the research section, the staff is focused on both: the search and investigation of novel peptide structures and growth factors as well as development of delivery systems for effective carriage of product components to the cells. In turn, cosmetological manufactory carries out synthesis and purification of product constituents with application of the latest up-to-date and high-technology methods.

History of Caregen Co., Ltd

The Caregen Co., Ltd was established in 2001 and even in 2002 the broad-scale research of short peptides for cosmetological fillers was evolved. As early as one year, the research group of the company has discovered and registered 6 new growth factors, which were the future constituents of beauty goods. In 2005, the registration of cosmetological manufactory was completed that allowed to launch in 2006 the most renowned series of the company named Dermaheal. From 2007 to 2015 the company has demonstrated the most incredible results including 57 registered patents, the «Top 100 excellent patented product» award, the start up of the new fillers series as well as establishment of the proper manufactory of food supplements.


In 2016, The Caregen Co., Ltd expanded the interest area by initiation of the one’s own brand «Pelo Baum» represented only by hair-related products. In 2006 the company was also awarded with the «The Best next generation company» prize by Korean Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (KOSDAQ). In 2020, in spite of the complicated worldwide epidemiological situation, the Caregen Co., Ltd launched the sales of products containing the unique botulinum toxin-like peptide PTx. To sum up, almost 600 biologically active peptides were discovered and registered by the company as components of the cosmetological fillers and the investigations are still going on nowadays.

The fundamental elaborations of the company

One of the most renowned peptide components of the Caregen Co., Ltd products are oligopeptides-72 and -50 which exert the entire spectrum of functions in cells. For instance, one of the key actions of pep-72 and pep-50 is inhibition of hyaluronidase enzyme that results in the maintenance of skin elasticity for a very long time. In addition, the fillers are very frequently contained oligopeptides-34 and -51 which are responsible for brightening of pigment spots. The peptide-23 exhibits high efficiency as well, triggering skin regeneration via reinforcement of epidermis cells growth and division. Application of the combinations of these peptide compounds allows to reach deep and complex influence of products on skin causing the reorganization of metabolism on the molecular level. The popular products based on the peptide cocktails are facial fillers from Revofil Aquashine series (Aquashine, Soft и BTX) and Dr CYJ filler for hair strengthening and hair-loss management.

The unique approach of the company also lies in the utilization of polymeric hyaluronic acid which is synthesized with application of ultra-modern technique called HEMN. In comparison with natural monomeric hyaluronic acid, its polymeric form provides deep skin moisturizing and stimulates production of autologous collagen and hyaluronic acid in cells allowing to increase the efficiency of procedures and elongation of the effect. The polymeric hyaluronic acid is contained in such fillers as Revofil Fine, Revofil Plus and Revofil Ultra which are directed to the deep skin moistening and elasticity improvement. These products could be used for the elimination of wrinkles with different degree of manifestation, replenishment of volumes in the chin, chick and forehead areas as well as lips augmentation.

One of the key discoveries of the company was the sequence of the PTx peptide, that represents an analog of botulinum toxin type A playing the role of myorelaxant. Based on the Ptx, the whole series of products named Dermaheal PTx Platinum was launched. The combination of different components with PTx peptide admitted to develop the products with different functionality. For instance, compromised with hyaluronic acid, there was developed a Dermaheal PTx Platinum HSR filler that provides deep penetration of the constituents to the dermal layer, flattering of wrinkles and skin moisturizing. The cocktail of PTx with growth factors set a base for Dermaheal PTx Platinum HL product, developed as anti-hair loss treatment. Together with conjugate of dioxycholic acid, PTx is quite effective as a lipolytic agent in the Dermaheal PTx Platinum LL filler. While in a composition with biomimetic peptides, PTx stimulates brightening of pigment spots during application of Dermaheal PTx Platinum SB or elimination of deep folds by injection of Dermaheal PTx Platinum SR.

The last but not the least important role in the duration and efficiency of the products developed by Caregen Co., Ltd plays one’s own established delivery system for product components. It is based on the small lipid particles whose composition is quite close to the human cell membrane that makes it absolutely biocompatible and safe. During the introduction of cosmetological filler, the lipid particles interact with cell membranes, fuse with them and release the product material. Herewith, the delivery occurs only to target cells without any influence on the other adjacent tissues. Moreover, applying such a lipid delivery system admits to reach stepwise intake of compounds into cells that substantially prolongs the effect from the procedures. 


The product series of Caregen

During the existence of the Caregen Co., Ltd, there were several dozens of products for facial, body and hair care. The beauty goods for skin care are represented by Pim-Pim-Paul and Purilux series. However, among the products from this category, the garland still belongs to the Dermaheal brand that was established in 2006. The Dermaheal series is represented by products with various functionality and includes the agents with anti-age, anti-inflammation, anti-hair loss action as well as products for management of acne, post-acne and skin hyperpigmentation. Recently, the composition of the goods was modified by addition of botulinum toxin-like peptide PTx, followed by introduction of Dermaheal Ptx Platinum brand. 

According to patients' comments, the agents from the renovated line are marked by high efficiency and low invasiveness since they do not require injections for the application.

Among the hair care, the biggest popularity bears shampoos and products from Pelo Baum brand. In addition, the filler Dr CYJ showed a high efficiency for the preventive maintenance and treatment of alopecia. Given products provide extensive growth and division of keratinocytes and stimulate blood circulation and scalp nourishment for general straightening and improvement of hair condition. 


The most extended presented by company are the series of facial care products. They include several brands of injectable fillers such as Aquashine, Prostorlane, Revofil and CG Styler 600. The composition of each product consists of a unique number of peptides and acids, providing the best solution for certain cosmetological issues. In particular, the products of Revofil brand, namely, Revofil Fine, Revofil Plus and Revofil Ultra, are developed for complex rejuvenation and lifting of face skin and provide anti-oxidant and photoprotective action, as well. Products of Aquashine series are able to admit effective preventive measures of skin age-related changes, eliminate scars and post-acne spots as well as decrease the water retention. In general, all the facial care products developed by Caregen Co., Ltd, provide restoration of natural radiance, moisture content and lifting of face skin, brightening of pigment spots and elimination of dark circles and baggy lower eyelids. Herewith, the products in these series have different degree of influence on skin that allows to choose the necessary procedures for patients of different age and skin type.


The wide spectrum of products offered by the Caregen Co., Ltd, allows to select the solution for almost any cosmetological goal from prophylaxis of age-related skin changes and treatment of hyperhidrosis to non-surgical correction of face and body shape. The prevailing idea and aim of the company is considerable improvement of the life quality and human health which tends to be reached by the development of complex cosmetological and therapeutic products based on the peptides, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The efficiency of the company's means is supported by numerous positive opinions of patients that apply products of Caregen Co., Ltd. And without any doubts, all the products of the company have excellent quality and are safe and biocompatible, that is completely corresponded to the Caregen Co., Ltd., philosophy.