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Replegen Ideology

Replengen Ideology is a brand of injectable fillers based on polylactide by Reanzen Co., Ltd. for the resolution of a wide spectrum of cosmetological issues. The series is represented by four products, including Replengen Ideology 50, Replengen Ideology 100, Replengen Ideology 200, and Replengen Ideology 400. The fillers of this brand possess the unique homogeneous gel structure formed by the perfect spherical particles from polylactide. Their introduction is indicated for the filling of wrinkles, flattering of the skin surface, restoration of loss volumes, and correction of face oval and shape. Since polylactide is a collagenogenesis stimulator, the product function is an improvement of skin elasticity as well. Given fillers are superior among similar products and the effect of the procedure may last quite long, sometimes longer than 24 months.

Replegen Ideology

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