Juvirose LB

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    Juvirose is a brand of polycaprolactone-based skin boosters developed by Mediwith Inc. These products, applied in terms of anti-aging therapy, exert a molecular-level influence on the skin, restoring the intrinsic processes that maintain skin elasticity and flexibility, gradually compromised over time. Through dermal injections, the product activates dermal fibroblasts, amplifies collagen synthesis, embeds it within cellular matrices, and reinstates normal skin density. The product effectively addresses both mimic and gravitational wrinkles, providing facial contour lifting, and enhancing skin hydration. The product line includes two variants: Juvirose LB and Juvirose H+, distinguished by the incorporation of hyaluronic acid in their compositions.

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    Juvirose LB is a skin booster designed for anti-aging therapy. The product operates by restoring the functions of dermal fibroblasts, enhancing the synthesis of the skin's own collagen, and integrating it into a 3D matrix. This process leads to the restoration of lost elasticity and flexibility in the skin. The administration of the product results in a smoothing of the skin surface, facial lifting, the restoration of facial contours, and the reduction of both gravitational and expressive wrinkles. The effects of the procedures can last up to 12 months, as they are based on a positive transformation of the patient's own metabolism.

    Strengths of Juvirose LB:

    • the administration of this product facilitates the natural correction of age-related skin changes, achieved through the meticulous and even distribution of the product beneath the skin

    • the enduring impact of the procedures is attributed to the product's ability to restructure the skin cells' own metabolism, amplifying the production of essential natural components crucial for restoring skin elasticity and firmness

    • the injections are conducted with minimal discomfort and shortened duration

    • the absence of bumps and papules during injections minimizes the need for an extended recovery period

    • this product stands out for its universality, making it suitable for injection into any area of the face

    Juvirose LB is injected for:

    • skin flattering

    • management of age-related skin changes

    • collagen synthesis stimulation and restoration of skin firmness 

    • face oval correction 

    • replenishment of face skin elasticity

    The effect of the procedure lasts up to 12 months.

    Product composition: Solubilized PCL

    Juvirose LB 

    5 vials × 2 ml

    Manufacturer: Mediwith Inc., South Korea


    The product has contraindications and can only be used by a certified cosmetologist. We are not responsible for the negative consequences of self-use.

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