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At Cosmo-Korea, you can buy concomitant products for injecting cosmetic procedures: anesthetics based on lidocaine and prilocaine from such brands as: J-Cain Сream, Neo-Cain Сreamproducts that neutralize the effect of hyaluronic acid (hylauronidase) by brands Hyalaze Inj., Liporase Inj.vitamins:  Ascorbic Acid, CindellaLuthioneGuthione, etc.

Moreover, here you can find products for placental therapy CuracenLaennec. This is a cosmetic procedure for intradermal injection of a composition based on the human placenta, a substance, well compatible with the tissues of the human body. Due to the impact of the constituent components, active cell repair is activated, the composition has an antioxidant effect and protects skin cells from damage. The result of the procedure is a rejuvenating effect, slowing down the aging process of the body, reducing inflammation in acne, and reducing the formation of stagnant spots (post-acne).

Due to the fact that we work directly with Korean manufacturers and carry out direct deliveries from Korea, we can offer you the most profitable terms of purchase.

There are special conditions of cooperation for wholesale customers. To find out more - register for a wholesale account on our website, and we will contact you in a short time.

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