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Ultra Series

Ultra Series is a brand of products from CosmoDerma Inc. The products of the line are aimed at solving various cosmetological problems.

  • Ultra Light is a new generation lipolytic for the effective elimination of unwanted fatty tissue

  • Soonsu Shining Peel is intended for use in peeling procedures

  • Ultra Body is an HA-based filler designed to correct lost body volume

  • 4 types of UltraFill fillers (Fine, Deep, Shape and Implant) are HA-based products for facial shape correction, wrinkle and fold smoothing, and moisturizing

  • Ultrafill Kiss is an HA-based filler made to correct lip shape and volume

  • UltraHilo is a biorevitalizant that is ideal for overall skin improvement and moisturization

  • Soonsu Ultra Reju - polynucleotide and polydesoxyribonucleotide based product for complex renewal and rejuvenation of facial skin

  • Ultra White - product for skin whitening and pigmentation control

  • Ultragen X - a multi-component mesotherapy product with exosome

  • Ultra Thread - PDO-based threads for effective thread lifting

  • Soonsu Aqua Cream - moisturizing cream for dry skin

The products undergo multi-stage purification and strict quality control to ensure they are safe for use.

Ultra Series
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